Classic Lashes

Classic Lashes are one extension lashes applied to each natural lash, The more natural lashes you have the more extensions you will have applied. Perfect for volumizing your natural lash.

Full Set Classic Lashes  €85

Refills up to 2 weeks €50

Refills up to 3 weeks €60


2D or 3D Volume

For those wanting a fuller look 2 lashes are applied to the natural lash for 2D and 3 lashes are applied for 3D to each single lash which will give you increased volume.

Full Set 2D or 3D Volume €100

Refills up to 3 weeks €65

Refills up to 4 weeks €75


Russian Volume

Russian Volume are lash extensions significantly thinner that are applied in volume to give a lighter fluffier and fuller look, perfect for those who have sparse and bald spots or for those who have a good quality natural lash and want to achieve a dramatic look.

Full Set Russian Volume €130

Refills up to 4 weeks €85

Refills up to 5 weeks €95