Male Therapy



Men’s Pro Skin 60 Face And Neck Treatment – Dermalogica

The Unlimate treatment, different every time. Customised with powerful product, techniques and technology. The ideal choice for men who want a comprehensive experience to address any ski concerns.

60 mins - €85


Tres Homme Hydradermie – Guinot Face & Neck Treatment

This high-tech facial uses galvalic and high frequency electrotherapy and bespoke active gels to deep cleanse, exfoliate, oxygenate and condition the skin and includes a massage and mask. This facial is specially designed to treat the concerns of the male skin.

1 hour 15 mins - €89


Pro Skin 30 Treatment

Our customised treatment on your time targeting your key concern for maximum impact in miminum time. This treatment is suitable for men who want visable results and great value.

30 mins - €45


Swedish Back An Shoulder Massage

Relax with this back, neck and shoulder massage relieving your back of muscle pain and eliminating stress. This back massage will improve your circulation, relieve tension leaving you feeling completely de-stressed.

30 mins - €40
45 mins - €50


Swedish Full Body Massage

This one hour full body massage soothes and relaxes your muscles. This combination of therapeutic stretching and kneading movements warm your muscles, lifts your spirits and improves your circulation.

1 hour - €80


The Exfoliating Treatment

Achieve firm and silky-smooth skin with this complete body exfoliation which helps to eliminate dry, flaky skin, refining the skin’s texture. The exfoliation is followed by a body moisturiser leaving the skin soothed and refreshed.

45 min - €50


The Relaxation Treatment

This complete body exfoliation with a sugar-kiwi scrub is followed by a relaxing massage with energising essential oils, designed to thoroughly soften and relax the entire body. 

1 hour 15 mins - €90


Hydradermie Back Treatment

This deep cleansing back treatment is ideal for blocked pores and improving skin texture. This back treatment uses the Hydraderm machine. Carefully selected gels are applied to the back and mild galvanic currents are used to help the active ingredients penetrate into the skin to remove impurities and toxins. High frequency action is then used to oxygenate and boost cells before a massage and mask is applied.

1 hour - €75




The advanced Instant Eye Repair Treatment

The unique treatment targets signs of aging and tiredness around the delicate eye area including fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. Using an expert combination of machine technology, a specific hands on massage and a specially designed eye mask soaked in a concentrated skin repair serum for maximum effectiveness.

40 mins - €65

Course of 3 €175

Men’s Manicure & Pedicure