Maternity Massage

Maternity Massage

Moms to be that are feeling the discomfort during their pregnancy enjoy the benefits of pre-natal massage, which alleviates lower back discomfort and fatigue, and improves elasticity while nourishing the skin. Maternity massage is preformed sideline to promote comfort during this sensitive time.

1 hour - €80


Pre Natal Treatment

A deeply nourishing body massage designed to target areas prone to stress and tension during and after pregnancy.

Gentle back exfoliation if required is followed by a soothing body massage specifically designed to suit your individual concerns, focusing on the areas needed to alleviate muscle aches, whilst helping to relax, restore and revitalise

1 hour 20 mins - €100

Lighten Up

A mineral-rich foot soak, exfoliation and massage for lower legs and feet to help with poor circulation, water retention and the tiring affects of carrying an extra load. They don't call it a maternity marathon for nothing.

30 mins - €40