Full Body Essence Massage

This massage is designed to specifically relieve neck, shoulder body tension. The massage concentrates on easing stress, realigning the mind, soothing emotions and relaxing the body.  The calming treatment allows mind and body to completely unwind.

1 Hour - €80


Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

This truly effective therapeutic massage using firm pressure helps to ease physical tension and emotional anxiety.  The pressure is combined with gentle manipulation to alleviate tension enhancing the body’s natural healing ability, eliminate fatigue and promote general good health.

30 mins - €40


Purifying Back Treatment

A super smooth and deep cleansing back treatment with extractions to purify your most hard to reach area.

45 mins - €50


Hydradermie Back Treatment

Using a high tech galvanic and high frequency electrotherapy and bespoke active gels to deep cleanse, exfoliate, oxygenate and remove black heads and congestion from the most hard to reach area of the back . followed by massage and mask, this treatment is most suited to oily, congested and problematic skins.

75 mins -  €99


Indian Head Massage

This specialised Indian technique incorporates massage of the neck, head, shoulders and face focusing on pressure points to relieve headaches and reduce stress and release tension.

30 mins - €40

Add on Moroccan Oil Scalp Treatment   45 mins -  €50


Aroma Stone

This relaxing massage uses heated stones to generate energy and create a sense of balance and calm, as well as giving relief to deep seated muscle tension.  Stone therapy is a Native American Indian practice which has been used since ancient times as a soothing and healing treatment. 

Aroma Stone Full Body Massage   90 mins - €100

Aroma Stone Back Massage   45 mins - €55


Aroma Stone Lower Leg and Foot Massage

Using heated stones we massage the lower legs and feet to ease tension and aching muscles,  reduce swelling, increase blood flow and encourage toxin release. Ideal for anyone who walks in high heels, runs, jogs, or spends long days on their feet.

30 mins - €40


Aromatic Body Polish Exfoliation Treatment 

A highly pampering treatment designed to combat dry, dull or lacklustre skin. An abrasive product is rubbed vigorously and massages across and into the skin and is then wiped away to reveal a moisturised layer of fresh, clean and smooth skin.

30 mins - €40